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2018 CSO Separation Project - Wapello, IA
2018 CSO Separation Project - Wapello, IA Notice to Bidders-CSO.pdf Wapello CSO Planholder June14.pdf Bids Due June 20, 2019
Commerce Drive Watermain Extension Project - Wapello, IA Notice to Bidders- Watermain.pdf Wapello Commerce Dr Watermain Planhoders June14.pdf Addendum #1 released 5/21/2019 Bids Due June 20, 2019
2019 Park Road Paving Project - Tiffin, IA Notice to Bidders Park Road Paving.pdf Park Road Paving PlanholdersList.pdf BIDTAB & Bid Summary Park Road Paving REBID.pdf
Parking Lot Reconstruction, Iowa Valley Jr.-Sr. High School - Marengo, Iowa Notice Iowa Valley School Parking Lot.pdf IVSD Parking Lot Planholer List.pdf Addendum #1
Addendum #2
IVCSD Parking Lot Project Bid Summary.pdf
Soccer Fields Parking Lot Expansion - Tiffin, IA Notice Soccer Fields.pdf Soccer Fields Planholder List.pdf Bid Results.pdf
2019 Park Road Paving - Tiffin, IA Park Road Paving Notice to Bidders.pdf Park Road Paving PlanholdersList.pdf No Acceptable Bids
Stormwater Rehabilitation Project - Tiffin, IA Notice to Bidders Stormwater.pdf Tiffin Stormwater PlanholdersList.pdf Stormwater Bid Summary.pdf
Cherry Lane NE Reconstruction Project Notice to Bidders Cherry Lane NE.pdf PlanholdersList.pdf Addendum #1
Addendum #2
Cherry Lane Bid Summary.pdf
2018 Interstate Watermain Relocation Project Tiffin, Iowa Watermain Relocation Tiffin.pdf PlanholdersList.pdf Watermain Relocation Bid Summary.pdf
Original Town Urbanization Project: Phase One Tiffin, Iowa Notice to Bidders Original Town Urbanization.pdf Original Town Urbanization Project PHL.pdf Old Town Bid Summary.pdf
Traffic Signals: Intersection of Ireland Ave./Roberts Ferry Rd. & US6/Marengo Rd. Notice to Bidders.pdf PHL Tiffin Traffic Signal.pdf Addendum#1 4/20/2018 Bid Summary Traffice Signal.pdf
Sanitary Sewer I&I Phase 2 - Amana Sanitary District, Amana, Iowa Amana Sani Sewer Notice to Bidders.pdf Amana PHL Feb 8.pdf Addendum#1 1/22/2018 Amana Bid Summary.pdf
WWTP Improvements: Phase 2 - Tiffin, IA 2017 Phase 2 WWTP WWTP Phase 2 PHL 10-31-17.pdf Tiffin WWTP Bid Summary.pdf
Clear Creek Commerce Park Improvements Village_Drive_Notice to Bidders.pdf PlanholdersList 6-1-2017.pdf Bidtab Summary Clear Creek Extension Tiffin.pdf
2017 Phase 1 WWTP Improvements Project - Oxford, IA NtB Oxford WWTP.pdf Oxford WWTP PHL 2 10 17.pdf Oxford WWTP Bid Summary.pdf
2017 HMA Street Improvements Project - Walford, IA NTB Walford HMA Project.pdf Walford HMA Planholders 2-7-2017.pdf Walford HMA Bid Summary.pdf
Phase Four: WWTP Improvements - Letts, Iowa Letts NTB Phase 4.pdf Phase 4 PHL 12-29-2016.pdf Letts Phase 4 Bid Summary.pdf
Phase Five: Sanitary Sewer Replacement - Letts, Iowa Letts NTB Phase 5.pdf Phase 5 PHL 12-29.pdf Letts Phase 5 Bid Summary.pdf